Do you teach children?

Absolutely! We start our Little Ninjas at 4 years old, so don't hesitate to enroll your young one in our martial arts school. In fact, we strongly encourage starting your child with martial arts as early as possible so they grow into the art form as they grow up as a individual. Martial arts can provide the self-esteem and confidence children need to flourish in society and excel in all aspects of their lives, including home, school and extra-curricular activities.

Your child will benefit from the discipline, exercise and fun they will have at U.S. Tae Kwon Do Academy. We incorporate martial arts "way of life" teachings in our classes to encourage students to be respectful and to strive to do their best at home, school and their daily lives. Your child will benefit tremendously from USTA martial arts training, so click the "Get Started" link in the menu now to start your child's enrollment process.

Young students enjoying their USTA Little Ninja class!