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Traditional Martial Arts, Effective Self-Defense:  Jujitsu is one of the most comprehensive self-defense systems in the world. It has a wide range of techniques to suit all ages and builds. Jujitsu will teach you how to defend yourself effectively against aggressive attackers.

Why Jujitsu? It is a combination of  two of Japan’s oldest martial arts that were developed in an era of almost continual warfare. Its techniques were tried and refined in actual combat, with only the very best lasting through to the present day. But don’t think that Jujitsu has stayed still, though! Its syllabus is expanding all the time to take in the requirements of the modern day. So wide is the Jujitsu syllabus of effective techniques that it doesn’t matter how strong, weak, tall or short you are, there are techniques that will suit you.

Jujitsu is Effective:  Jujitsu is effective because it uses scientific principles — not just brute force. Someone pushes you, so you pull them towards you. By using the well developed principles of yielding, the aggressor’s strength can be used against him.

Jujitsu Will Really Work for You! Jujitsu distracts the attacker with strikes to nerve points that can daze or paralyze, a simple throw can then take him hard to the floor. Jujitsu attacks the aggressor’s vulnerable joints. A little leverage skillfully applied will bring the strongest attacker to his knees.

Jujitsu Techniques are Easy to Learn:  The mechanics of Jujitsu techniques are not difficult to follow. The average person who knows nothing about martial arts will quickly learn highly effective techniques in as few as 12 lessons! Only one evening a week will guarantee you some degree of competence. Our expert coaches are trained to teach effectively and safely and we provide each student a high level of personal attention.

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